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Claim conditions

  1. To properly submit complaint please provide proof of purchase of goods and properly completed claim form available for download below or obtainable by contacting our sales department.
  2. All delivery cost is covered by buyer.
  3. Your claim will be considered till 14 days from the date of claim received.
  4. All merchandise will be replaced by same, correct model or in case if product doesn't exist in our offer any more we will propose other solution.
  5. Original accessories should be claimed in authorized service points of each trademark.
  6. Claim wont be considered if:
    - Products damaged by incompetent service
    - Products flooded by water or other liquids that could lead to damage
    - natural wear and tear
  7. Merchandise ordered by mistake as wrong colour, model won't be accepted.
  8. To claim document should be added exact damage description.
  9. In case of lack of all important documents claim won't be considered.


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